What if you haven't been you yet? What if the decisions you have made about the course of your life so far have been from a place of misinformation and misunderstanding about who you TRULY are?

Our next Manifest Experience will help you to rediscover, reclaim and release your TRUE IDENTITY. Join Shaun Marshall, Rochelle Armstrong. James Perkins and Sherin Swift as they take you on a journey back through your life that will help you to be yourself...AGAIN.

MANIFEST NETWORK exists to help every person BE who they were created to be, DO what they were created to do, and LIVE the life they were created to live. We UNITE, EQUIP and RELEASE people to live with clarity and confidence in their unique purpose. 


Manifest UNITES those seeking to live intentionally through activities and experiences that help people encounter God, build relationships, and foster accountability.    


Our dynamic faculty EQUIPS believers to change thoughts that confuse identity, challenge stubborn factors that frustrate purpose, and gain clarity to make decisions that unleash potential.


Our movement RELEASES believers through coaching and resources that enable them to more fully realize AND demonstrate God’s plan for their lives.