Manifest is a movement that exists to help every person live on purpose. Our mission is to unite, equip, and release people to live on purpose and influence the world. We accomplish this mission by facilitating experiences, resources and relationships that help people make practical decisions for intentional living. Participants have developed the clarity, confidence and capacity to launch businesses, write books, change careers and and embrace unique callings that enable them to changes lives and transform communities.

NEXT EVENT: “Transition Decisions”

Change is what happens to us, but transition is how we respond. Many times we face moments of change and simply don’t have the wisdom to make the right decisions in those moments. And sadly, when we don’t know how to RESPOND TO change, we end up losing time trying to RECOVER FROM change.

We need to be able to recognize the changes that were happening WITHIN US and AROUND US, and discern the best way to move forward. And when we know what The Lord is doing in a moment of change, we develop the clarity and confidence necessary to make some bold moves and pursue God’s call.

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“Manifest encouraged me to step out and start my business. Two years later my business is still growing. I am so grateful for this ministry helping me to move forward in my purpose. The practical tools, prayer, and accountability have changed my life.”

Lisa W.

“In 2013, I heard God speak to me very clearly through the ministry of Manifest. God was calling me to plant a Church, and to God be the glory, that Church is here today. The Lord used Manifest to ignite my purpose and calling.”

David W.

“Manifest helped me to hear God clearly, and experience God through the prayer, worship and teaching in ways that I never had before. I left realizing that the experience had taken away any fear I may have had…I’m very grateful.”

Patti S.